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The Llano Lions Club


*   Local Club organized in 1938.

*  Member and Supporter of Lions Clubs                        International.

*  Operates under the governance and direction of

    local Lions Club Board of Directors elected from

    Llano Lions Club membership.


*  To provide fellowship and community service to        the Llano, Texas community.


*   All volunteers - No paid staff.

*  Membership - New members welcome.

*  Club members pay quarterly dues to cover all            meeting & luncheon expenses and club dues

    to Lions Club International. 


*   100% of all net fundraising revenues

     (gross revenue less direct costs to produce

     a fundraising event) and donations raised

     by the club are directed to community

     support programs.

*   Community organizations and programs

     selected and approved by the Board of                       Directors. Support may include financial,

     volunteer or a combination of both.

*   Club meets Wednesdays at noon for lunch

     and a program which is planned and                           implemented by a Lion club member

     on a rotating basis.

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