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2020 Llano Lions Club Sporting Clays for a Cause

Rules and Regulations



  • Safety glasses and hearing protection to be worn at all times during event.

  • No alcohol is allowed on the firing lines of all shotgun events.

  • Any unsafe or inappropriate behavior surrounding the shotgun events can result in individuals being barred from further participation and ejected from the event without refund of any fees or donations.

  • No more than 4 members per team.



  • Shotguns of 12 gauge or smaller in safe working order and capable of firing 2 shots.  Ammunition must be factory loaded and be no smaller than #9 shot or larger than #7.5.  No reloaded shot shells are allowed.


Shooting Protocol


  • 4 person teams may shoot in any order they desire at each station.

  • It is the sole responsibility of the shooter to insure his/her is recorded correctly on event score sheet.

  • Shooter must not load shotgun until settled in the designated shooting station.  No more than 2 shells may be loaded at any time.

  • Each team will have thrown one set of targets for view only at beginning of their station round.

Target Presentation


  • Targets will be thrown in any of the following formats:

  • True Pair targets - Only 2 shots allowed on pair of targets thrown simultaneously from 2 different machines.

  • Report Pair targets - Shooter calls for target 1 from machine 1.  Subsequently shooter calls for target 2 from machine 2.  Only 2 shots are allowed (2 targets = 2 shots).



  • Official event scorecards will be distributed to each team at registration table.

  • Scorecard must be given to official scorer on arrival at each shooting station.

  • Scorekeeper will mark an “X” for each target hit and a “0” for each target missed.

  • After shooter fires at 1 or 2 targets, the scorekeeper will call “Lost” or “Dead” depending on outcome of shot.  Any protests must be settled with scorekeeper before leaving the shooting station.

  • At conclusion of each event station, the scorekeeper must initial each participants score for that station.  

  • Protests that cannot be settled by the station scorekeeper will be settled by the Event Coordinator and that judgment will stand.

  • Perfect score is 100.  Mulligans cannot be used to exceed a score of 100.  In event of a tie, a coin flip will determine scoring placement.




  • Each shooter will be allowed up to 3 malfunctions which will be noted on official scorecard.  Malfunctions over 3 will be scored as a “Missed Target”.

  • Malfunctions are defined as any malfunction of the shotgun, ammunition or shooter (forgets to take safety off, etc.)

  • Trap machine malfunctions will not be counted against the shooter’s score.  We will use “A Fair Pair in the Air” approach to all targets.



  • One mulligan is for one pair and completely replaces that pair.  There is a 5 mulligan limit per shooter, per station.



  • In consideration to wildlife and livestock, No Pets will be allowed on the ranch during the event.

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