Rules and Regulations



*  Safety glasses and hearing protection to be worn at all times during event.

* No alcohol is allowed on the firing lines of all shotgun events.

* Any unsafe or inappropriate behavior surrounding the shotgun events can result in      individuals being barred from further participation and ejected from the event without refund of any fees or donations.



*  Shotguns of 12 gauge or smaller in safe working order and capable of firing 2 shots.  Ammunition must be factory loaded and be no smaller than #9 shot or larger than #7.5.  No reloaded shot shells are allowed.


Shooting Protocol

*  4 person teams may shoot in any order they desire at each station.

* It is the sole responsibility of the shooter to insure his/her is recorded correctly on event score sheet.

* Shooter must not load shotgun until settled in the designated shooting station.  No more than 2 shells may be loaded at any time.

* Each team will have thrown one set of targets for view only at beginning of their station round.


Target Presentation

*  Targets will be thrown in any of the following formats:

* True Pair targets - Only 2 shots allowed on pair of targets thrown simultaneously from 2 different machines.

* Report Pair targets - Shooter calls for target 1 from machine 1.  Subsequently shooter calls for target 2 from machine 2.  Only 2 shots are allowed (2 targets = 2 shots).



* Official event scorecards will be distributed to each team at registration table.

* Scorecard must be given to official scorer on arrival at each shooting station.

* Scorekeeper will mark an “X” for each target hit and a “0” for each target missed.

* After shooter fires at 1 or 2 targets, the scorekeeper will call “Lost” or “Dead” depending on outcome of shot.  Any protests must be settled with scorekeeper before leaving the shooting station.

* At conclusion of each event station, the scorekeeper must initial each partidipants score for that station. 

* Protests that cannot be settled by the station scorekeeper will be settled by the Event Coordinator and that judgment will stand.

* Perfect score is 100.  Mulligans cannot be used to exceed a score of 100.  In event of a tie, a coin flip will determine scoring placement.

Lewis Class Scoring System

What It Is

·      The Goal of the Llano Lions Club “Sporting Clays for a Cause” is for competitors to have FUN while raising money in support of scholarships for local youth. 

·      The Lewis Scoring System offers a “fun” way to award prize money to individual shooters even if they are less than “proficient” at shooting clay targets. 


How It Works

·      At the end of the competition, all individual shooter scorecards turned in to the registration table will be ranked from most targets hit during their round to least number of targets hit during the round. 


·            Prize money will go into the Lewis Purse and will be split as follows:


25% of pot goes to contestant hitting the most clays during their round.

25% of pot goes to contestant whose score ranks at 25 percentile of total scores

25% of pot goes to contestant whose score ranks at 50 percentile of total scores

25% of pot goes to contestant whose score ranks at 75 percentile of total scores


The Lewis Purse

·      Llano Lions Club will establish a prize pot based on number of entries.  All shooters who complete all 10 shooting stations on the course and who turn in their scorecards to the registration table promptly on completion of their round are eligible to win prize money under the Lewis Scoring System.  The more entrants, the bigger the cash pot.  Size of the purse will be announced at the registration table the day of the event.  A minimum pot of $200 is guaranteed.


Tie Breaker

·      In case of tie for any of the ranking percentiles (i.e.:  more than one shooter has same score at any of the payout levels) we will go to the scorecards of those tied to break the tie.

·      Starting at hole one, player hitting the most targets on hole one will be declared the winner. In event 2 or more shooters are still tied after hole one scores are compared, then scorecards will be checked in numerical sequence until only one player prevails.

·      If still tied after all 10 station scores are checked, then a coin toss will determine winner.



*  Each shooter will be allowed up to 3 malfunctions which will be noted on official scorecard.  Malfunctions over 3 will be scored as a “Missed Target”.

* Malfunctions are defined as any malfunction of the shotgun, ammunition or shooter (forgets to take safety off, etc.)

* Trap machine malfunctions will not be counted against the shooter’s score.  We will use “A Fair Pair in the Air” approach to all targets.



*  One mulligan is for one pair and completely replaces that pair.  There is a 5 mulligan limit per shooter, only one may be used per station.



* In consideration to wildlife and livestock, No Pets will be allowed on the ranch during the event.


Return registration payment attached  to Barry Box, 4700 CR 405-A, Llano, TX  78643

Contact Barry for more information at 361-774-8655 (cell) or

For more information contact

Barry Box, 4700 CR 405-A, Llano, TX  78643

 361-774-8655 (cell) or